The building of the Wood Storage Building.

I have had a desire to build a post and beam building for 10 years. The beauty and strength of this particular kind of construction appeals to something deep within me. Now being that this is my first attempt at a post and beam structure, and not having the benefit of working with someone experienced, I opted for a modified structure, a hybrid if you will. It is a beam plate and "stick-built" roof. So, even though the building is not strictly speaking "Post & Beam", it has given me oodles of experience and mountains of satisfaction. Here's how it goes:

First, begin with a nice flat slab.

It is very helpful to have a floor crane to do the heavy lifting (the blue and white thing with wheels). The neatly lined up wooden stands are called "ponies", because.... they are not quite as big as horses.

Next get some big timbers. I bought these Longleaf Pine 8x8's from a local saw mill.

And get some big tools to work the beams.

Then, like a big puzzle, assemble the pieces. One tieenie, little difference though, one has to make the pieces and make them fit.

In the interest of timeliness (my local sawmill got very busy and could not get to my beams), I had to use pressure treated 8x8's from the local lumberyard to complete the East end.

Note the big pile of shavings in front of the 20' opening. This wood was so full of resin it would stick together like snow. I had to frequently sweep off the slab because I would accumulate a 1/2" of shavings and chips on the soles of my boots.


Next complete the roof...

And trench in the power...

Clean up a bit and it is finished!!! A home for my lumber and practice for post and beam work.