Here are some photos of the construction:

Day 1




Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5



Day 6



Day 8


Day 9



The Villa Mobilla


Day 12


Day 18

The great room begins to take shape-


The front porch begins to take shape

Day 21

Brad arrives and begins to wire



Roofers arrived Friday AM


And by Friday evening they were finished


Day 31

It has been two weeks since my last posting. I had to move my studio and gallery and it has been exhausting. As you may know, I own nothing light.

The front porch has a ceiling and most of a floor. Soffits are very nearly all covered.

 Fascia and chimney are going up,  The two main gables have been trimmed and sided.



All old duct work and wiring and cast iron plumbing has been removed from under the house. It was amazing to me how much stuff was under there. The back porch has been framed. The laundry room is framed, complete with angled door.


I said good-bye to our framing crew. We accomplished a lot in 5 weeks. These are very hard working, happy guys. I still have to get a picture of Francisco who leads the crew. He is the one on top of the trusses on Day 8.


Day 30

We now have closed cell foam insulation in the ceiling and the floor, and open cell foam in the walls. The difference is simply remarkable.



Day 35

The rough plumbing was tackled this week. I secured the two shower drains in gently sloping cement floors. I was very surprised at the amount of material I needed.



Chris has been busy picking out tile that matches: the roof, the yellow brick, and the deck. I finished flooring the back porch. The dark paint was Chris' first choice, the light paint is her choice 2.0.


Day 55

We have had visits from Brad again (electrical work) and Johnny who got us started on our tile work.



Day 60

The crew from Charlotte has returned and has done mountains of work! The downstairs floor has been raised and leveled.


The windows and doors arrived and have been installed.


The ceiling of the back porch is up and the siding is coming on.


The sheetrock installers arrived and began to define our rooms.


And Mr. Jenrette returned to work his magic with his trowel.


Day 75

Jose' the taper spent a week taping and did a fabulous job!


Day 80

A week of trimming, caulking, and painting and we have a new house.


The columns fit just right and needed only a little coaxing to co-operate.


Once again we bid farewell to the crew from Charlotte.


Day 90

I have finished tiling the Master Bath. Chris is delighted with her choices of color and pattern (whew!).









Day Unkown

Carpet has been installed in bed rooms. It is ready to be installed in the "downstairs" once I have built the cabinets.


With the carpeting down, we wasted no time moving in. I have been slowly electrifying lights and outlets. We have an interesting kitchen set-up, but for now it works. I have emptied both storage units and scattered our belongings in various rooms.

Master Bath vanities and drawer chest are now installed. I made the vanities from African Mahogany that shimmers like satin. The drawer fronts and chest top are West Indian Mahogany. The plumbing is behind the drawers. And, of course, there is the mahogany waste basket.


Door, window, and floor trim complete in the MB suite. (I made the molding first and then cut it to fit.)


I am nearly done with the White Oak flooring in the great room and halls off both ends.



Here are some pics of the mud room/temporary kitchen. This used to be the car port.


The Great Room floor and adjoining hallways are now finished. I just had to add some inlays.


These are the steps from the mud room.


Now the construction of the island and the wall cabinets.


Add some Maple and Mahogany counter tops and a little paint...



add a 10 ft. free-form West Indian Mahogany bar and a few Camden Stools...


Lights on the front porch are now operational. They look better in real time.


Wet bar in the corner of the kitchen.


The Barrel Vault ceiling in the front porch is now complete.




Lattice work at the end of the front porch allows for a more finished feel. Still have the front door to do...

Front windows cased

Hall entrance cased

Back doors cased

Update October, 2010

The guest bath is now finished


There are doors on the island cabinets. The curved lines are mahogany inlays. Also the work over the back counter is under way. I have yet to make plate holders for the curved area.

And I have finally made and installed the front door. It is Sapele (a mahogany). And it is glass you can see through, not a mirror as it appears here.

The plate rail now completed adds a riot of color to that big white space.


This is our knife block.

Here is our new mantle.